Costa Rican Adventure

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Costa Rican Adventure vegan bar soap is made with lime and bergamot with a natural and gentle coffee scrub soap.

Costa Rican Adventure. It’s mingled aroma of lime, bergamot, tropical sun, and a light coffee hue with bits of coffee exfoliant. We created this soap from our recent experiences in Costa Rica, where palm trees mix with citrus, coffee plantations, and the deep jungle blankets the surrounding mountains inland.

We added rich french press coffee for a light coffee aroma and finely ground coffee beans for a good and gentle scrub.


Saponified Olive Oil, Organic Palm Oil, Proprietary Blend Of Citrus Essential Oils, Coffee, Coffee Grounds, Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter

Additional information

Weight0.176 oz
Dimensions3.175 × 10.16 × 6.35 in

Full Bar, Nickel Bar

1 review for Costa Rican Adventure

  1. Margerie H

    Costa Rican Adventure: This is a good soap. It’s scent is different from any other I’ve tried. It definitely takes you to a South American landscape in your mind. I wasn’t sure about the Lime, and coffee, and bergamot, but it works. And the bits of coffee in the soap are a good exfoliant. Although, I will warn the men out there – if you soap your beard, it feels and smells great, but you might be picking out a piece of coffee or two! Haha

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