Sampler Box

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A sampler box of 15 one-ounce vegan cuts of soap. Each sample is cellophane sealed with product scent description and ingredients. So that you can find the soap that best fits you from all sorts of varieties and scents.

This includes one-ounce cuts of bar soap, including:

• Mistique

• Summer Prairie

• Incognito Noir

• Costa Rican Adventure

• Warm Spring Morning

• Leaves N’ Twigs

• Moonlight Over Morocco

• Pitch Dark

• Tzveta Rose

• Narmineh

• Very Berry Cheers

• Dream To Fly

• Riverside

• Peach Tree

• Krampus Wash

Each soap piece is made with various wonderful ingredients to produce the best type of soap.

Single packed one ounce+ cuts of every soap in an attractive box. How much soap is 1oz? cut? Well, quite a lot. More than enough for several uses and long enough to know if you’ll enjoy a full bar. Every single pack comes with a full description of the aroma and ingredients.

Perfect travel-size soaps or Christmas stocking stuffer. Awesome for college dorm rooms, the office powder room, or simple gifts for bridal showers. The perfect item for someone who wants to try every bar we make but can’t make up their mind. We get it! Waterfall Glen Soap Company is an aromatherapy journey, so we made this easier for your indecisive soul. Order your sampler box today, and you can have it all. As with all our soaps – keep them dry when you’re done using them. That means don’t leave it in the shower. Place it on the bathroom counter near the sink.


organic coconut oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Olive Oil, organic cocoa butter, Dead Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal, Nettle Leaf Powder, Tumeric Powder, Zinc Oxide, Stearic acid

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Weight0.680 oz
Dimensions7.62 × 25.4 × 17.78 in

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  1. Harry Doolittle

    Purpose : I received a sampler box for my Birthday from my wife in May 2022. I love WFG soaps, but had only tried about 3 or 4. Loved all of them so a sampler seemed the best way to get a “taste” of each soap the company has produced. I went through all of the 15 soaps, making notes for each one. So the following are my reviews of each soap from WFG.

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