Bella French Clay Mask

Bella French Clay mask is a french yellow clay with pearls. Leaves a luxurious sheen to the skin. The natural aroma of neroli is refreshing, sweet, spicy, and exotic. Our deepest apologies to oysters worldwide – this item is not vegan.

Bella, a clay face mask with an Asian pearl infusion, leaves your face youthful and vibrant. Each gold jar contains a ready-to-use natural clay mask with the natural, exotic floral water from the neroli flower. Your skin will feel a slight tingle ….that’s the magic of the clay working.

Benefits: French Yellow clay is the mildest of the clay masks and is considered to be a powerful detox leaving your skin smooth, fresh & radiant.

Pearl powder infusion is a prized jewel in beauty emulsions by queens of the Far East to look youthful and beautiful. Natural pearls, obtained from oyster shells, are laden with organic salts and compounds which possess skin-protective and enhancing features.

Pearl is naturally a powerhouse of vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, which confer antioxidant characteristics to extracts of this precious gemstone. Packed with amino acids and unique proteins contribute to beautiful glowing skin.

Instructions: Open the jar upright and slowly as the clay and botanical water may have separated. Use the wooden stick inside to blend to a consistency of a thick shake. Apply the smooth clay liberally with fingers or a makeup brush to your face and delicate areas of the body. Allow drying on the skin before removing with warm, wet towels.  Soften with warm water and gently wash or shower off.

Caution: Caution should be exercised as clay may stain fabric. Always use distilled water if the clay dries out. Do not use tap water as it contains impurities.


French Yellow Clay, Neroli Botanical Water, Crushed Asian Freshwater Pearl Powder, Willow Bark Extract

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