The Future for Natural Soap and Skincare

The Future for Natural Soap and Skincare

According to Mordor Intelligence, a leading market research firm in the cosmetics industry, “the natural, organic, soap and skincare market is expected to register an 8.5% compounded annual growth rate over the next five years.

Growth is strongest in the Asia-Pacific continent, but the U.S. currently has the largest market share. While the European market has the strongest desire for natural ingredients within soap and skincare, we see that this trend is growing globally.

Skin sensitivity is one of the driving factors.  People are becoming more aware of harmful, potentially dangerous ingredients that are bad for themselves and the environment. These nasty ingredients are currently found in most personal care products.  Most cosmetics today contain harmful ingredients such as parabens, SLS, GMO and phthalates.  This has led to an explosion in consumer awareness and purchasing choices.

Consumers identify with brands that are progressive, and environmentally conscious with wholesome goodness for ingredient sourcing.  Consumer brand loyalty is paramount to sustained growth.”

All of this data means – We tend to buy from brands that reflect our values.

Waterfall Glen Soap Company’s core values with soap and skincare:

We use no harmful ingredients: like parabens, SLS, GMOs, or other harmful products.

We are Leaping Bunny certified since 2015 and recommit every year by submitting our suppliers and our suppliers- suppliers. What is Leaping Bunny? It means we don’t test on animals. Nada, zip, not at all. Neither do our suppliers and our suppliers-suppliers. This is a big deal for us. We are stewards of this planet, not the owners.

Vegan Oils and 99% Plastic-Free Packaging

We use vegan oils, especially sustainably harvested palm oil – protecting local farmers and the rainforest. The rainforest is disappearing at an alarming rate. It is so pervasive that the deforestation can be seen from space.

Google says:

1 BILLION hectares of rainforest have been cut down in 40 years. In just 40 years, a forest area the size of Europe has gone. Half of the world’s rainforest has been destroyed in just one century. If we don’t act and the current rates of deforestation continue, the world’s rainforests will be gone in 100 years.” The rainforest is the lungs of the world and protecting our World is critical to Waterfall Glen Soap Company.

We use Dead Sea salt as a natural soap preservative. This salt ingredient allows us to bring our soap to the shopper faster by squeezing out the water and accelerating the curing process. Any salt would accomplish this process but we chose salt of the Dead Sea, which is primarily minerals that are conducive to excellent skin therapy.

Finally, and this is personally important to myself because I am an avid camper and an outdoorsman,

Waterfall Glen Soap Company is 99% plastic-free in packaging and shipping. Do you know how long it takes for plastic to breakdown? Experts in the field say 450 years. This means that every single piece of plastic you or I have ever touched…in our lifetimes still exists. Think about all of those plastic water bottles. The bottled water companies aren’t really in the water business as much as they are in the plastic bottle business.

All of these are key HOT BUTTONS for our forward-thinking, environmentally friendly, youth-centered brand, Waterfall Glen Soap Company.

Did you know the human sense of smell is linked to memory.  In fact, it’s part of our primal core to help us survive, remember directions, what is safe to eat and not become someone else’s dinner. It is part of humanity in deep subconscious ways.

For example, When you select a rose soap, you make your choice one from soap to another, not because it’s rosy, but because it connects to your memories.

My name is Doug Coggeshall; in 2013, I founded Waterfall Glen Soap Company next to the Waterfall Glen forest preserve just outside of Chicago.  I created a company that celebrates natural, clean, healthy skin care choices. We use deep, complex aroma blends enriched with intricate stories and dynamic packaging.

Everything we manufacture at Waterfall Glen Soap Company was designed from memories: places we’ve traveled, experiences shared, people we’ve met along our way. Your ticket to join us as a quiet passenger begins with each product label revealing its tale. Like a wine bottle description, we share with you the complexities of our private blends. Each use weaves a story inside your soul, of the aroma journey you will embark on.

Our new location in Belleville, IL offers nearly 3,000 sq. ft. of production shipping and office headquarters as well as a small storefront for local shoppers. Belleville is my hometown and I was eager to bring Waterfall Glen Soap Company back to my roots. We were fortunate to locate this property that meets all of our company needs. We are dug in and a permanent and contributing part of the community.

We have invested heavily in large production equipment that increased our bar soap capacity to over 12,000 units a month.  Our Amazon sales have expanded into the Canadian market and 11 other countries besides the U.S.

And speaking of the U.S. market; last fall, Waterfall Glen Soap Company began a partnership with Kathy Dickerson Tahpomah KiowaKat, certified Kiowa Tribe Language & Culture Teacher at Tribal Education and owner of: Essence of the Plains. Her expansive knowledge and wisdom of her cultural heritage as an American Native brings American Indian arts and crafts, created by Kathy Dickerson and other Federally recognized American Indian Artists to public awareness.

Kathy Dickerson is an American Treasure. We are fortunate to partner with her and bring her Native Kiowa aroma blends to the public. Waterfall Glen Soap Company manufactures vegan bar soaps along with the assistance of Kathy Dickerson of the Kiowa Tribe. We follow the strict aroma blends of the Kiowa Tribe paired with our all vegan soap formula to create a partnership that brings the true Essence of the Plains to you.

Let loose your imagination! Begin your aromatherapy travels.

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