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Dream to Fly

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Dream To Fly bar soap is a luscious lilac and lily of the valley aroma blend in a vegan bar of soap. Rich in cocoa butter.

Dream to Fly is an intensive, rich, all-over body moisturizer that nourishes and regenerates dry and damaged skin. Made from some of the mildest, most natural ingredients, Paraben & SLS Free. Kosher certified.


Saponified Olive Oil, Certified Sustainable Organic Palm, Lilac And Lily Of The Valley Fragrance Oils, Dead Sea Salt, cocoa butter, Coconut Oil, purple mica powder

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Weight0.175 kg
Dimensions3.18 × 10.16 × 6.35 cm

1 review for Dream to Fly

  1. Jack Ehill

    Dream to Fly: This was a surprising scent. I expected more of a floral smell, but it was quite a cleansing scent that lingered on a few hours on my skin. So it starts with a strong fragrance of Lilac but ends very clean! Not bad!

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