Pride | What exactly is it and why is it important?

pride, BUSINESS OWNER of Waterfall Glen Soap Company looking at camera

Written By: Douglas Coggeshall

Published On: February 10, 2023


Pride; I could go on and on about how special our ingredients are and about the healthy benefits of choosing a vegan soap over any other kind. But really, is a healthy product simply about ingredients? Is it only the stuff inside that sets it above the rest? What puts our brand above the competition? I believe it’s PRIDE.

Pride Is an Intangible Energy

It can’t be measured by any normal standard; it is a driving force that solidifies a team. It’s the invisible spirit that creates success over defeat; it changes the dynamics of a situation from abject failure to one that is seeking solutions against adversity. PRIDE changes everything.

When a football team has suffered setbacks, play after play, and the yard line keeps moving in the wrong direction, a good leader stands up against adversity to rally the energy of the team. PRIDE takes over.

PRIDE in business is much the same as any team sport. Believing in the Goodness of your Company, the Truth of the products, the Healthiness of the ingredients, and the Direction and Goals of the business. Also, a happy and joyful workplace keeps PRIDE alive within the walls of the workshop. This is reflected in the manner in which employees greet and speak with customers, how they represent the Company, and how they sell the products.

Waterfall Glen Soap Company is steeped in PRIDE. From our humble beginnings in the sanctuary of our kitchen to the new Corporate Headquarters and Workshop at 1511 East Main Street in Belleville, Illinois, PRIDE is the foundation of our Company.

Did you know that we purchased our building as is? Which means it came with a lot of problems. Originally built in 1901 as the repair shop for the Belleville Firetrucks. Since then, it has been many things: a paint store, a soil testing lab, and a hobby race car garage. We purchased it in 2020 and have invested everything into making 1511 our PRIDE.

Belleville is my hometown. I went to Cathedral Grade School, I was an altar boy, performed in the marching band, cut grass for summer jobs, and helped with our family business, later I went to Althoff High School, played trumpet in the band, struggled through Latin, took my basic college-level classes at Belleville Area College (SWIC), SIU-Edwardsville and graduated from SIU-Carbondale. Southern Illinois is my roots. We are firmly planted in the Community, and coming home with my business brings me great PRIDE.

Waterfall Glen Soap Company is local, family-owned, and steeped in PRIDE. You can experience this intangible energy with every bar of soap or jar of skincare we manufacture. Because it’s not just the stuff it’s made from…. It is that invisible PRIDE that is baked into everything we manufacture. It is that…. Which sets us apart and above the competition.

Local, hometown goodness in everything we make.

Oh! And don’t get me started on our ingredients. That brings me incredible PRIDE…. and another blog post to come.

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