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Sign up for the soap club.  Join the Soap Club, and we’ll ship you 3 bars every three months as long as you’re a member.  One price covers packing, shipping – everything. We ship your awesome bar on the 10th with only the finest FIRST-CLASS mail.
With three different varieties every three months, you’ll get something cool every time. Our soaps are BIG! 6.2 ounces of vegan goodness. They last about a month if you keep them from sitting in water.  Hey, you wouldn’t like that either, so why make your soap do it?
1)  Spicy (Mistique, Narmineh, Costa Rican Adventure, Moonlight over Morocco, Pitch Dark, Very Berry Cheers, Leaves n’Twigs).
2)  Citrus (Warm Spring Morning, Narmineh, Leaves n. Twigs, Costa Rican Adventure, Very Berry Cheers, Peach Tree).
3)  Floral (Tzveta, Dream to Fly, Riverside, Summer Prairie, Peach Tree, Narmineh).
4)  Random
5)  Or are you geeked out about one soap only?
Here are our tantalizing soap selections:
Dream to Fly – Lilac, and lily of the valley
Summer Prairie – Lavender and wildflowers
Very Berry Cheers – Cinnamon and cranberry
Incognito Noir – Zero aroma with activated charcoal
Narmineh – Cardamom, coriander, frankincense, and more
Riverside – Honeysuckle
Costa Rican Adventure – Citrus with a coffee scrub
Krampus Wash – IPA beer soap with citrus hop aroma
Warm Spring Morning – Rosemary and mint
Pitch Dark – Deep herbal aroma, not for wimps
Mistique – Sandalwood, patchouli, amber and spices
Moonlight over Morocco – Sandalwood and cedarwood
Leaves n’Twigs – Patchouli and sweet orange
Tzveta – Abundant rose aroma
Peach Tree – Luscious peach aroma

$25.99 every 3 months


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Spicy, Citrus, Floral, Random, Same Bar Every Month


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