The Number 1 Way To Make An Effective Whiskey Soap

The Number 1 Way To Make An Effective Whiskey Soap

Happy Hour at Waterfall Glen Soap Company?

In this article, we talk about whiskey soap and how it came about. Sometimes, work can be really interesting and unusual. It might look like one of our team members is having a private afternoon cocktail but this photo is serious business. Nancy, is actually hard at work deciphering the aromatic notes of Stumpy’s Old Monroe Whiskey. Even though we add real whiskey to the soap, the process of converting lipids (plant oils or animal fats) to soap also removes much of the natural aroma in the whiskey. Most of the aromatic qualities we enjoy about a liquor are conveyed to our brains through the alcohol.

Waterfall Glen Soap Company was put to the challenge of recreating this symphony of aromatic notes as an fragrance oil cocktail. This had to be added in the process at a key moment, so the spiritual essence of the whiskey would remain after the saponification process was completed.

Creating the Whiskey Soap Bar Scent Profile

Most folks are aware that taste and smell are linked. The taste buds of the tongue identify taste, and the nerves in the nose identify smell. Both sensations are communicated to the brain, which integrates the information so that flavors can be recognized and appreciated. In order for Nancy to be effective, we had to place her in an aroma neutral zone and leave her alone with a bottle of whiskey. Some sipping and lots of note taking were all part of the process. Because Nancy was diligent in her assignment, Old Monroe Whiskey Soap smells exactly like a shot of the real thing.

Not only was she accurate in identifying the scent profile, she was able to transfer that information to our Production Team as a formula we could recreate in the manufacturing process. Sometimes, the tasks here are really crazy fun. Nancy was also responsible for the scent profile for Krampus Wash beer soap which uses the Peloton IPA beer from St. Nicholas Brewery. That’s been a hit for over a year!

To enhance the bathing experience of Old Monroe Whiskey Soap, we added oat flour to the mix. This creates a luxurious feel with skin conditioning benefits. Oat flour in soap has been used for centuries. Oatmeal gently exfoliates the dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking fresh and revived. This perfect combination of cleansing and exfoliation is gentle enough to be used on your face and all over the body. Oatmeal soap can help control eczema, and psoriasis, moisturizing the skin and relieving itching and irritation. Oatmeal is known as an effective skincare routine for treating and preventing acne.

Old Monroe Whiskey Soap is quite a ballet of process. Working with alcohol and a lye solution also creates its own set of production issues. Alcohol is a saponification accelerant in that it speeds up the chemical reaction converting oils to soap. In laymen’s terms, it will lock up a batch very, very fast. Because we work in such large quantities (80lbs at a time), the steps to add the aroma, oatmeal and whiskey all have to be done in a specific order and timely matter. Otherwise, it’s an expensive 80lb paperweight. We have less than 1 minute to pour the soap mixture into each 40lb. cavity before it’s too thick to move.

Despite all of the technical aspects, making soap is still a very joyful process. We offer free tours, too. Text or call 630-220-5242. We can handle groups as large as 25 folks. You always leave with a head full of soap making knowledge and some samples.

At Waterfall Glen Soap Company – Ten years strong, we know soap. Putting old school methodology to work for luxurious bathing.

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