Vegan Bar Soap and Skincare

WFG soap is much more than just soap. Using natural ingredients, we provide the necessities in our vegan soap and skincare to make you feel better and refreshed.

Our soaps are made with natural ingredients and fragrances that will make you smile.

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Your Home For High-Quality Soap

See how far we have come and how we provide high-quality soap soap to you with our high-quality ingredients creating an amazing vegan soap!

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Try out our vegan soap and see why everyone is in love with them!

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Head over to our skincare section and get your very own body butter today!

 Waterfall Glen Soap Company has been successful this year and has gone on to receive…

Best Vegan Soap & Skincare – Globally

in the Global Excellence Awards 2022, hosted by LUXlife! 


Biodegradable Wrapping

The biodegradable safety seals:

In 2019, Waterfall Glen Soap Company took a big step and became 99% plastic free. Yep, we went through all stages of production, packing, and shipping and eliminated every bit of plastic we could find. We even switched the ‘plastic’ safety seals to biodegradable cellulose. These are hand-applied wet bands of plant fiber and shrink as they dry. Try getting one wet and watch what happens.

When you open one of our glass jars of skincare, toss our safety seal in the garden.

Mother Nature is pretty awesome.

View the different scents we offer.

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