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Narmineh soap is made up of spices of cardamon and frankincense, creating an unusual and alluring aroma. Narmineh means beautiful and soft.

Our secret blend of captivating, aphrodisiac spices from the Silk Road. Narmineh translates as ‘delicate, gentle, and beautiful in Arabic. We use natural turmeric root powder to emulate the shifting hues of sunlight on sand. Every bar is different, but the same sensuous aroma is locked in every bathing experience.

Narmineh’s ten selected essentials were derived from traditional cooking spices of Persia.  The name is that of a woman.  We envisioned a beautiful Mother in her home, caring for her family.  Our soaps are manufactured using the old-fashioned cold process method.  We blend ten exotic and aromatic essential oils in large vats of warm oils.  Using the time-honored process of saponification, oils are transformed into natural glycerin and soap.

We make two 40lb blocks each time.  They are cut by hand into long columns and then into bars.  We stamp our logo into each bar once before stacking them into towers on the curing rack.  There they sit, quietly curing for 30 days.  Then, they are hand-selected, wrapped, and ready to ship to you.


Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Dead Sea Salt, Essential Oils, Turmeric Powder, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter.

How to use

Lather up on wet skin, then rinse thoroughly.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sharon Duggan

I love the soaps and have also enjoyed the face mask.

Mary Aubuchon

Narmineh by Waterfall Glen Soap Company

Consumer info:
Age of consumer: 44
Gender of consumer: cis female
Skin condition: very dry; compromised moisture barrier

Season purchased/used: Winter
Setting of usage: shower
Location of usage: extremities, torso & neck

Product experience:
Lather: rich, creamy lather that spreads nicely; a gentle, hydrating and fragrant clean with no sticky residue or film
Fragrance: light, pleasant and not overpowering; it is a very unisex scent, suitable for all genders
Conditioning: highly moisturizing

The quality of Waterfall Glen Soap Companys handcrafted, vegan products continue to impress me. Today, I tried out their Narmineh bar in my shower. The bars are large, and they can easily be cut multiple times for use in several locations or to save some for later, increasing how long the single bar lasts. Per instruction from company owner, Doug, I cut a small piece of the bar for use and stored the remainder. The butcher knife I used cut easily and cleanly into the soap, with zero shredding. The lather produced from the bar was fragrant and creamy, leaving behind zero residue or sticky film upon rinsing. The scent of the soap was gentle, not overpowering, neutral and can easily be enjoyed by everyone. I left my shower clean, smelling wonderful and feeling hydrated. I found this soap to be highly moisturizing, with a noticeable restoration of my skins moisture barrier even after only one use. This leaves me excited to see the results after continued use of the product, as I tend to struggle with dry skin and am prone to mild eczema during the colder months. I barely made a dent in the small chunk that I cut from the large bar for my shower time indulgence, which is a testament to the quality, worth and longevity of the product. The customer service I experienced is unmatched, and I highly recommend this soap and this company with a 5 out of 5 star rating. I look forward to expanding my stock of Waterfall Glen Soap Companys products for years to come.

Zachary E

Narmineh: This is a Top 5 soap for me. The Spices used in this soap are exotic. Its like no other soap or fragrance Ive used before. Its very hard to describe the joy smelling and using this scent. But it WILL bring you Joy, and Relaxation, and cleansing. With a smooth and clean skin feel. A Fantastic choice!