Leaves N’ Twigs

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Leaves N’ Twigs is a vegan soap bar, patchouli wild ride with a hint of sweet orange. We incorporate pieces of our other soaps into a mosaic pattern.

Dark patchouli and sweet orange bars are deep and earth-smelling with a touch of bright citrus. Our unusual soap is filled with little bits of everything.

Each bar will fill a room with fragrance, perfect for a decorative powder room setting. Plus, every bar of our handmade soap is a luxurious spa indulgence of creamy cocoa butter.


Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Pomace Olive Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Random Fragrance, Activated Charcoal, Botanicals, Coffee Grounds, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Nettle Leaf Botanical Powder, And Activated Charcoal

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Weight0.164 oz
Dimensions3.175 × 10.16 × 7.62 in

Full Bar, Nickel Bar

1 review for Leaves N' Twigs

  1. Ashley Hardy

    Leaves n’ Twigs: This is a very pleasant soap! The Patchouli scent sticks out to me, yet, at times you smell the citrus on your skin. Very Earthy scent that cleans and refreshes. It’s a soap that when you pick it up for use and smell, it’s just pleases you and cleanses you!

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