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Krampus Wash

Krampus Wash

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Krampus Wash is a beer soap that is excellent for skin with a moisturizing and unique lather experience. The aroma blend is a natural hop and citrus from a real IPA beer that is locally made.

What better way to enjoy a good beer when you’re not going to drink it? Beer soap! Made from the finest brew from St. Nicholas Brewery in DuQuoin, Illinois. Krampus Wash is guaranteed to turn anyone from naughty to nice.

Beer in soap has been used for centuries and generates a rich lather that is soothing to your skin. Beer has excellent properties as a skin treatment and is perfect for soap. So, belly up to our bar of Krampus Wash beer soap.

Krampus Wash has a rich aroma, too. You will detect the natural hops from the IPA Pellaton beer and bright citrus essential oils we designed to capture the sparkle.

Our soap batches make two 40lb blocks at one time. Each block cuts down to 96 bars. If you are ever local to our shop, give us a call. We might just be making soap that day. It’s a fun process to watch, and we might even have you cut a loaf or two and stamp it on our logo. You’ll go home with some fresh soap pieces, too.


Pomace Olive Oil, Organic Certified Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beer, Citrus Essential Oil Blend, Dead Sea Salt, Stearic Acid.

How to use

Lather up on wet skin, then rinse thoroughly.


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Customer Reviews

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Krampus Wash: Its not JUST for Christmas season anymore! Lol This is a beer soap, but you dont wind up smelling like a bar at happy hour at all! The hops smell mixed with the oils are a great mix. It even had a berry/citrus smell and was very refreshing to use in the shower. Very rich feeling.