Vegan Soap & Skincare

vegan soap and skincare, Stack of soaps and body butters in all varieties

Our story began in 2013

WFG soap is much more than just soap. Using natural ingredients, we provide the necessities in our vegan soap and skincare to make you feel better and refreshed.

Our soaps are made with natural ingredients and fragrances that will have you smiling. Hover and view our unique ingredients.

Hotspot soap

Natural Color

Organic Sustainable Palm Oil

Pomace Olive Oil

Cocoa Butter

Dead Sea Salt

Herb Essential Oil Blend

Coconut Oil

Geranium Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Different soaps for different scents.

Aromas List
warm spring morning vegan bar soap, green label with a graphic in a rural plains field

Rosemary and Mint

Aroma Origin: Japan and Albania

very berry cheers vegan bar soap, white label with graphics of alcohol glasses

Cinnamon and Berries

Aroma Origin: Ceylon

warm spring morning vegan bar soap, green label, back view, ingredients label

3 Rose Blend

Aroma Origin: Bulgaria

peach tree vegan bar soap, orange wrapper with a flower graphic


Aroma Origin: Phthalate free fragrance oil

narmineh vegan bar soap, yellow wrapper with graphics of camels and riders

Cardamon and Coriander Blend

Aroma Origin: India and Russia

riverside vegan bar soap, light blue wrapper, with a graphic of a bridge


Aroma Origin: Phthalate free fragrance oil

pitch dark vegan bar soap, white wrapper with an eye graphic


Aroma Origin: Bulgaria, Morocco and Albania

mistique soap, gold wrap, bar soap, vegan soap

Sandalwood and Patchouli

Aroma Origin: Indonesia and Australia

costa rican adventure vegan bar soap, gold label, palm trees graphic

Lime and Bergamot

Aroma Origin: Persian and Italy

dream to fly vegan bar soap, purple wrapper with a woman floating graphic

Lilac and Lily

Aroma Origin: Phthalate free fragrance oil

incognito noir vegan bar soap, blue label with sunglasses graphic, dark blue bar soap

No Fragrance

krampus wash vegan bar soap, red wrapper with a graphic of krampus on front

Beer and Hops

Aroma Origin: St. Nicholas Brewery DuQuion, IL

leaves n' twigs vegan bar soap, white wrapper with leaves on the edges

Patchouli and Sweet Orange

Aroma Origin: Indonesia

moonlight over morocco vegan bar soap, purple wrapper with a night sky and morocco home graphic

Sandalwood and Cedarwood

Aroma Origin: Australia and Texas

We pride ourselves on having some of the best vegan soap and skincare.

vegan bar soaps, 99% Plastic Free Badge, green circle with 3 green leaves in the middle in a circle with wording outside of it
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Organic Badge
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Lump of Coal Soap

Rated 0 out of 5

Dream to Fly Body Butter

Rated 0 out of 5

Nevena Face Cream

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Katia the Frog

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My daughter and I love the soaps and body butter. I like that the ingredients are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free. Everything Waterfall Glen Soap Company makes is handmade in Belleville, Illinois. I like to support small businesses when I can and when you have a great product at an affordable price, that makes it even better.

Great soap products!

I love how these soaps make my skin feel- super clean and supple, not at all dry and irritating like other commercially made soaps do. Rarely need to slather on lotion after using these soaps

I ordered Dream to Fly bar soda and body butter yesterday, and it magically appeared on my doorstep a mere 24 hours later! Smells heavenly…
Glad to know the soap fairies at Waterfall Glen Soap Company are hard to keep our country safe and clean at work.
Two little surprises were in my order, too…my favorite Mystique Body Butter and Novena Organic toner samples. Thanks, bunches!
Excellent company and excellent owners!!! Order received as promised in perfect packaging!! Products are even better than described! Descriptions make it easy to choose. I want everything! Will order again soon!!

The quality stands out in a large field. The soap aromas are fabulous and compelling, but these products are of the highest quality and last!

Great product, great owners. WFG not only puts out superior products, they genuinely care about their customers’ well-being.

Dream To Fly Body Butter with Fresh Lilac and Lily of the Valley is a breath of spring air! So rich and emollient that I use it on my neck and chest area. The floral smell lasts for hours and makes you feel like you are hugging a lilac bush! A must for anyone who loves lilacs as I do.

I only use these soaps. I’ve tried several and love them all!!!